Jessica Evans

2006 Bridge Foundation Scholarship Recipient

Well, Fall 2007 turned out to be a really great semester…My mentoring position has been a really wonderful experience and I have enjoyed every minute of it and I plan to apply to be a mentor for next year. The position has allowed me to really get involved in the WISE organizations. Through program planning I have discovered that I really enjoy designing advertising fliers. While mentoring presents challenges, it has helped me learn a great deal and grow as an individual in a more social sense, through interacting with my mentees. I also have enjoyed working as a Weekend Captain at the Museum, and I plan to continue in the position until I graduate. I have learned a great deal about caring and maintaining an exhibit and it has really helped me to determine the course I want to take with my education and career.

Currently, I am applying to a Study Abroad program in an effort to travel to Australia this upcoming summer. The program focuses on sustaining human societies and the environment, which has been a topic I have only begun to explore.

As always I appreciate the contributions that the Bridge Scholarship has made to my education and the opportunities that your involvement has afforded me.

In the fall of 2006, I began classes at North Carolina State University in order to obtain a major in Zoology. When I initially applied to State I also applied to a program that catered to young women in science and engineering majors known as WISE. The goal of WISE is to help increase the number of female students in the fields of science and engineering at NC State. WISE is a living and learning community that seeks to help 1st and 2nd year female students with the transition from high school to college through mentoring. WISE provides a variety of services to its students such as social activities involving other members and academic assistance such as tutoring in core subjects. My initial classes did not present the challenge I had expected. Since my course work was not as demanding, I was able to get involved on campus in organizations.

The Zoology Club is an organization that provides students with information about animals, career opportunities and options, opportunities for further education, as well as community service opportunities. As a member of the Zoology Club, I have had the opportunity to learn a great deal as well as to visit the Carnivore Preservation Trust and Conservator Center Inc. on community service projects. These facilities take in and rescue exotic animals across the U.S. I have also had the opportunity to visit the North Carolina Zoological Park in Asheboro.

The Collegiate Horseman’s Association is a student organization that provides individuals with information regarding the equine industry and community service opportunities.

In the latter part of my freshman year I applied to the Caldwell Fellows program and was accepted. This scholarship program focuses on servant leadership and individual growth in order to help others. As a Caldwell Fellow I have had the opportunity to learn a great deal about leadership and grow as an individual. With this organization I have participated in two retreats one which focused on leadership and personal growth by overcoming challenges.

As a sophomore I have not had as much time to be as involved in some of these organizations as I have been previously due to the demand of my course load currently. As a sophomore I have had the chance to take advantage of several opportunities. I accepted a position as a mentor in the WISE program. I also took a job at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Science as a Weekend Captain in the Living Conservatory. While classes have become a great deal more challenging this past semester has been very enjoyable.


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